Right of rescission

4. Right of withdrawal
4.1 If the customer is a consumer within the meaning of the Austrian Consumer Protection Act, the customer is entitled to cancel the contract under the following conditions:
4.2 The Customer may, within a period of seven working days, the Saturday is not a working day, from the date of receipt of the goods at the customer withdraw from the contract between the Alexander Prince nurnaturpur.at.
4.3 the customer has no right of withdrawal for contracts for goods that are produced according to customer specifications which are clearly tailored to personal requirements, which are not suitable due to their condition for a return, can spoil quickly or whose expiration date would be exceeded.
4.4 If the customer is entitled by the contract, then has train to train the Alexander Prinz nurnaturpur.at paid by the customer payments to reimburse the customer and return the received services and the Alexander Prinz nurnaturpur.at a reasonable fee for the use, including compensation for a possible reduction in the fair market value of the benefit pay; the takeover of power in the custody of the customer shall not be considered by itself as an impairment. The cost of returning the goods, the customer has to bear

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